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An Chomhdhail USA is the USA Branch of Comhdhail na  Muinteoirí le Rinci Gaelacha Teoranta, otherwise known as An  Chomhdhail - The Congress of Irish Dance Teachers. An Chomhdhail is the second largest Irish dancing organization  in the world, with over 600 members worldwide.  There are  currently 28 worldwide branches:  Australia, Belfast, Belfast  Regional, Belgium, Channel Islands, Connaught, Cork,  Derry/Donegal, Dublin, East European Slovakia, Finland, Israel,  Japan, Laois, London, London & Home Counties, Midlands, Mid  Ulster, Newry, Scotland, South Derry/South West Antrim, South  Leinster, Southern England Region, UAE, USA, Waterford, West  Tyrone, and Wicklow.  It is the purpose and business of each  branch to foster, encourage and promote at a local level the art  and practice of Irish Dancing and to protect, defend and improve  the rights and conditions of its members. For more information on An Chomhdhail, please visit  www.IrishDancingOrg.com


Starting with a handful of members in 2014 and no feis system in  place, the members of An Chomhdhail USA initiated an ambitious expansion program that has seen the organization quickly now  boasting six feiseanna in Florida alone.  The membership has  grown exponentially as teachers and dancers realize there are  other options in the USA for high quality competitive Irish  dancing.  While the majority of the USA members are in Florida,  the organization has seen expansion in other states.

Open Platform

An Chomhdhail USA participates in the Open Platform  competition circuit in North America to allow its dancers to  compete more frequently.  Open platform is a relatively new  concept in North America, wherein dancers are allowed to  compete outside of their own organization, and vice versa.  The  competitions are run by the rules of their respective  organizations, and all dancers must abide by them regardless of  affiliation.

Contact Us 

For questions or more information, please email us at:  IrishDanceAmerica@gmail.com
2020 Event Calendar April 4-11, 2020 An Chomhdhail World Irish Dance Championships Killarney, Ireland June 6, 2020 Magic City Feis & Florida State Irish Dance Championships Miami, Florida Host: Breffni Academy An Chomhdhail Worldwide Feis Calendar
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